What's her deal anyway.....

Do you consider yourself a designer or an artist?

Not a big fan of labeling my creativity. I consider myself someone who’s “creative”. That’s my contribution to society, creating different things that touch, move or inspire someone else. If I achieve that, my work is done!


When did you first discover your creative side?

In Middle School Art class, it felt freeing and drawing came naturally. That’s when I became curious about Art Deco and discovered Old Hollywood. I would go to the library and devour anything about that era. Began to study it way more vigorously than my schoolwork.


What’s your favorite color and how would you describe it to a blind person?

Blue, it feels like that refreshing moment when it’s extremely hot outside and you step into cool water, that moment of ahhhh…that’s the color blue.


If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

A bird, they fascinate me, their beauty, grace and ability to sore high in the sky as though they are dancing.


If someone wrote a biography about you what would the title be?

Renaissance Woman


What are 5 things you carry in your handbag?

1=A small mirror with Iron Eyes Cody’s image.

2=Malin + Goetz lip moisturizer

3=Mario Badescu Rosewater facial spray

4=house keys

5=Prada blue leather pouch for cash, cards & metro.


Who was the last person you said “I love you” too?

My husband Joseph.


Do you enjoy cooking or dining out?



What was the last show you binge watched?

Schitt’s Creek, I am obsessed!


What’s your favorite word & why?

Fabulous, because saying it makes me feel fabulous!


What's your favorite scent? and why?

Wood burning. It always reminds me of walking down the street towards my grandma’s home in Argentina. She always had the wood burning stove going, the smell from the chimney glided down the block.  That scent instantly takes me back to the memories of my beloved Abuela. She was an amazing, strong woman!


What’s your favorite sound and why?

Church bells ringing. Brings a sense of calm over me.


What’s the last book you read?

The Chiffon Trenches/Andre Leon Talley.

I only read biographies.


What advice would you give the teenage version of yourself?

You are going to be okay, promise!


If you could travel in time, which decade would you choose and why?

The 1920’s because it looked like such fun.


If you could have a dinner party with anyone from history, who would you invite?

Diana Vreeland

Charlie Chaplin

Cary Grant

Alfred Hitchcock

Josephine Baker

Constance Bennett

Greta Garbo

Coco Chanel


What led you to curating this online shop? 

Gathering together all the different objects I have created and having them in virtual museum like space just felt appropriate.